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More than 75 years of experiance

Elma bv was founded by a German entrepreneur in De Bilt.  In the beginning Elma started out as a overhaul and revision company of Electrical Machines; providing also the name of the company. In the course of time Elma focuses itself on the sales of electrical motors.

At the end of the seventies...

Elma moves to the current location in Soesterberg. A few years later the shares of Elma were transferred to entrepreneur Mr. Henk Fietje. During the period following Elma focuses more and more upon the sales of turn-key electrical drive and industrial automation projects.

In 2002...

Another important change occurs: the shares were transferred to a new management team:
Dick Varel (General Manager), Teunis van Vulpen (Technical Manager), Peter de Wit (Operational Manager) and Jaap Rook (Financial Manager). Now a days Elma has developed itself as an international dynamic and innovative company employing over 80 people, 2 subsidiaries abroad and satisfied customers.


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